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[PROJECT #2] Kong Dougie’s 1st Birthday: ‘The Dougie Project’

EROMAKNAE is here again with our 3rd Project!

This time round, we’re intending to celebrate KONG DOUGIE’S 1ST BIRTHDAY. Yups, you heard read that right! This coming 24th April, Dougie aka Minzy’s lovable puppy, will be celebrating her 1st birthday, and EROMAKNAE is intending to gift Dougie, Minzy and their family with some presents ^^

We all know that Dougie is an extremely pampered dog. From having a ton loads of clothes to having a Twitter account just for herself and the tons of Dougie selcas posted up on that said Twitter account, it’s quite obvious that Dougie is very much well loved and taken care of by the Gong Family. This adorable looking princess first appeared in a photoshoot together with Minzy, and she  caught the attention of us EM Staffers then because she was going to be the puppy that Minzy has always wanted. And then when Dougie made her 1st appearance on 2NE1TV S3, we fell in love.

The quiet, innocent-looking choc-coloured toy poodle stole all of our hearts when Minzy first picked her up from her cage and snuggled with her in the pet store; And then when we realised that Dougie also appeared to have this spunky personality which also resides in Minzy, it was like a given that we would love her just like we love Minzy ^_^

Presenting to you, EROMAKNAE’s 3rd Project: ‘The Dougie Project’

This is the list of presents that we are intending to gift the Gong Family:

1) London Pet CarrierAUD $76.95 / USD $81.10

Dougie probably travels from The Gong Family’s house to BomJi’s dorm pretty frequently, so we thought we’d like to present Minzy with a pet carrier that she can carry Dougie in whenever she travels from place to place. This London Dog Carrier has a classy chic look and we think it fits well with Minzy ^^

2) Large Buddy Blanket – AUD $23.09 / USD $24.30

If you have been following @kongdougie’s tweets, you will realise that Dougie is always tweeting that she’s lonely and always waiting for Minzy to come back home. From there, we churned out this idea of getting Dougie this Buddy Blanket (Size: 140cm x 100cm) which Dougie can snuggle in while she waits for her unnie to return from work. The blanket can also be easily rolled up, which will make it convenient for Minzy and her family to carry it around or to tidy it up.

3) Customized Dog Hoodie – AUD $23.03 / USD $24.30

One can never have too much clothes, and this is probably the same for a dog like Dougie too (keke). We will be getting Dougie a customized hoodie which will look something like the design below. Dougie looks absolutely adorable in pink clothes based on her selcas, thus the base colour chosen was pink. The words “teach me how to DOUGIE” is also a tribute to Minzy’s dance battle with Taeyang to the song “Teach Me How To Dougie” in 2011 NOLZA.

Here’s how you EM Followers can participate:


The total cost of the presents for this project amounts to about USD $130.00.
Support EROMAKNAE in this project by helping to raise the amount needed to purchase these gifts not intended not only for Dougie, but for Minzy and her family ^^

For those who wish to donate, you can donate to our Paypal Account by clicking the ‘Donate’ button below. If you are having trouble with this button, please contact us at 

Once you have donated, please e-mail us a notice at so that we can personally give you a confirmation that your donation was successful.


Since this is a project to show our love to Dougie, and Minzy in general, any amount donated is greatly appreciated, be it small amounts or large ^^ A huge thank you in advance to those who are donating!



We are also welcoming personal gifts from anyone else who wishes to send in a birthday gift to Dougie via EROMAKNAE. For those who wish to send in your gifts, please contact us at and we will inform you the details from thereon.


We hope you participate in this project and help us make it a success ^^

If there is any further enquiries, feel free to contact us at or mention us on our Twitter (@theEROMAKNAE) or Tumblr (




6 thoughts on “[PROJECT #2] Kong Dougie’s 1st Birthday: ‘The Dougie Project’”

    1. Hello Ninnha 🙂

      No we aren’t going to be doing anything.
      However, you can join in the KBlackjacks’ support for 2NE1’s 3rd Anniversary by checking out what they’re doing on @Support2NE1 (Twitter) or also join in IBlackjacks at YGLadies @YGLadies to check out what they are planning to do for the girls ^^

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