We decided to stalk for one day and not to go to school.

We started out our stalking plan at Glorietta but sadly 2ne1 wasn’t here,until one of our friend told us that her mom’s client at the Mariott hotel saw the names of 2ne1 members,so we all hurriedly came to hotel.When we went there,we saw nothing until someone informed us that they were playing / shooting at game zoo Resorts World (resorts world was only beside of mariott hotel) .

While we were running towards Game Zoo,my heart was beating faster and faster,wishing that 2ne1 was really there,and when we made it to game zoo.They really were there.

Finally we saw 2NE1. *confetti* *confetti*

My initial reaction that time was “Oh My God 2ne1, sh*t they’re so pretty oh my god.” Each one of them are really beautiful,Living Dolls *GODDESSES*.I first looked for MINZY,we raised our Minzy banners until Minzy pointed us out,she waved while smiling and she said “thank you”,she also did the heart sign. ❤ ❤

Then BOM,she was even videotaping us,like how a friend does to her buddies.

CL and Dara sat near the information area.They ate popcorn,it seems like they were having a Photoshoot.

We cannot explain what we felt during that time,it seemed like we were already in heaven cause 2ne1 was so close to us.

My friend called us because Minzy was dancing “Fire” at Pump It Up.Bom was also there,she taking a picture of Minzy while cheering for her (Minzy) ~BOMINZY Love~

Minzy was so ADORABLE,she`s really having fun..keke well,she really loves to dance. :))

And then suddenly Dara went to Bom and Minzy,she did dance with BOM.They really having fun.

The guards said to us that taking Pictures and Videos are not allowed,but were so naughty naughty..keke.

After that,they decided to went up on the 2nd floor of Game Zoo.

At that time,CL was buying candies at NUTS about CANDY.I tried to get CL sign but i wasnt successful cause they already had to go up.

CL was extremely sexy as she was walking to the 2nd floor of Game Zoo. AS IN! I might go lesbian because of her.LOL 🙂

The Guards didnt allowed us to go up on the 2nd floor.

While waiting to 2ne1,we hugged each other,we smashed our face,coz maybe we just dreaming.. lol

And then,When they were headed down from the 2nd floor of Game Zoo,they posed seductively.We just standing in front of them,so we saw everything,we saw how professional they are,how HOT they are hihi…………..


As 2ne1 was going back to their hotel room,i ran going to Minzy and asked for her signature.I was like “Minzy , Please . Please.” *As if I was about to cry* then she took my cd and I didn’t know,at that very moment she’s already gonna take the escalator,so I also took the escalator with her *YES,IM DEAD* . As she was signing my cd ,i looked at her face,she looks like a Japanese doll,her eyes were so CUTE and her face was so very angelic,so pretty and her skin looks so smooth and nice so i didnt touch her,coz i`m afraid..kekeke.

I grabbed the opportunity to talk to her, I said “Thank you Minzy, you’re so pretty . I love you so much “ She thanked me while smiling and returning the cd and the marker to me,JHGFDDSA! *heaveness* When we made it down she thanked me once again and waved.

I cannot explain what I felt that time,i yelled “MINZY YOURE SO PRETTY!” then One of their staff members smiled at me.

Bom was right next to Minzy , so I also attempted to have her signature.I called Bom “BOMMIE,hello youre so pretty”,She looked at me *eyes to eyes* and smiled,she also waved at me.There were a lot of guards who served as barricade,so I went to Dara,she also noticed me because I said “Sandara,mahal ka namin.” (Sandara, we love you),she smiled  and waved at me.

I went back to Bom,i followed her and talked to her “BOMMIE,YOU`RE SO PRETTY,U KNOW,U LOOK LIKE A LIVING DOLL,OGUSUSU BOM,WE LOVE YOU,CAN I GET YOUR SIGN?” but she`s busy talking to her make up artist,so she just smiled at me,LOL.:)

DARA was just behind us,there were number of fans who were asking for her signature,so I continued following BOM.

MINZY was quickly made it to the elevator,she was like a ninja walker,lol,as in, while her 3 unnies were on their way on the 2nd floor,MINZY was already on the ground floor…NINJA MOVES! x)) and then when were there,i just realized that CL was behind all of us that’s why I failed to approach her.

But before CL rode the elevator,i endlessly waved at her,she also waved at us and smiled,she’s so kind and so so so so HOT.

We yelled “WE LOVE YOU” and waved to them.

As the elevator closed. I suddenly burst into tears,actually we all did cause we didn’t expect such thing to happen,as in,it didn’t even entered my mind that we’ll see 2ne1 upclose,walking with them from 4TH FLOOR down to GROUND FLOOR of Resorts world and even have their signature.

We waited for so long to be with them,we waited over an hour so we spazzed on our way to McDonald’s to eat.Then we continued spazzing until we decided to go home…..

But we suddenly thought to ride the same elevator that 2ne1 used,and when we reached the 5th floor,we didn’t expect that 2ne1 was there, they had dinner and they`re about to left when we arrived.

We thanked them for the moment while we are at Game Zoo,they endlessly smiled and waved at us.

Since it took the elevator a long time to make it,we had the chance to say what we want to say.I yelled all of their names and sung “Naega Jeil Jal Naga”.We also yelled NOLZA PHILIPPINES.

CL was able to capture everything on her camera, we got shocked cause CL was so hyper that time,as in she looked at us,smiled and waved.When the elevator was about to go up,CL was the first one who wave at us.Minzy was busy talking to the staff but she also waved before going up,same with Dara.Bom was wearing a jacket,we are not sure whether she’s sick or doesn’t feel well cause she didn’t look at us.

Then we all spazzed as if we already don’t want to go home and want to check in at the hotel but it’s so expensive T_T.

We spazzed until we made it outside , even when we’re already riding the taxi and MRT,we kept on spazzing.

And when I was already left alone,I suddenly smiled (more of grinned) as I reminisced my moment with 2ne1.



Fanaccount by : heiizennyraa / erocorn21 @EROMAKNAE 
Fancams by : EROMAKNAE



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